Cash Lender

IOU and Loans Manager

Invoice Professional on iOS and Mac

Features at a glance…

  • Cloud Sync

    Cloud Syncing

    Seamlessly sync your data across all your devices. Supports iCloud and Dropbox.

  • Local Sync

    Local Syncing

    Effortlessly sync your data without the use of a cloud service. Sync your work entries directly across your other devices over your local network.

  • Multi-Currency

    Currency Support

    Supports individual currency regions for each person.

  • Multiple Tax

    Supports Loans with Interest

    Each loan supports simple and compounding interests. Loans can be made without interest as well.

  • Clients

    Tracks Loans for Multiple People

    Manage debts/IOU's with multiple people with the ability to assign a photo and a short note about each person.

  • Templates

    Payment/Debt Reminders

    Set due dates for each debt so you will be reminded via notifications. You can even email them with one touch to remind them for the payment.

  • Overview


    Gain an overview on your each of your lends and borrows.

  • Templates

    Partial Payments

    Since sometimes they can not always pay the full amount back in time, you can have partial payments and keep track of how much they still owe you.

  • Overview


    Export transaction history as a CSV.

    SMS/Messaging is also supported, so you can send transaction histories on the go.

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